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    Prof. dr. Bram Desmet explains the supply chain triangle concept in a very inspirational and pragmatic way. He can pitch the concept and tickle the thoughts during a short pitch (30 minutes), but if you would like your audience to really gets a better understanding of how supply chain, strategy and finance are related, a keynote (60 minutes) is advisable.


    Do you want to immediately apply the Supply Chain Triangle concept in practice, based on your business model? Then a workshop (min. ½ day) is the place to start.


    Not what you had in mind? Please, contact us with suggestions and Bram will create a tailored-made proposal.


    Presentations/workshops can be held in English, Dutch or French. When requesting a booking, please be as specific as possible (date, hour, kind of presentation, audience, etc.).



    Strategic Pitching

    Limited in time? In 30 minutes Prof. dr. Bram Desmet gives your audience valuable insights into the essentials of strategic supply chain management. He will briefly touch on the three sides of service, cost and cash, and link them to commonly known financial metrics.

    Price: 2.950 euro

    Strategic Keynote

    The full story on how to balance service, cost and cash through financial metrics is brought to you during this keynote. During his 60 minutes presentation, Prof. dr. Bram Desmet explains the supply chain triangle concept in detail and makes references to real-life cases.

    Price: 10.000 euro

    Strategic Workshop

    Take an in-depth look into your inventory & working capital approach. Discover how you can optimize your supply chain and how to put it at the heart of strategic discussions. Workshops require a minimum time and effort, starting from ½ day.

    Price: 15.000 euro