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Prof. dr. Bram Desmet

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Bram Desmet truly shines at linking advanced analytics, supply chain models and strategy. This talent is a logical consequence of his natural fascination for figures from a very young age. While studying for his mathematics degree, he played around with numbers, patterns and structures. Today he puts those same skills to accomplished use as a visionary and conceptual thinker in a much broader, multidisciplinary context.


Combine the above with his restless nature – Bram is continuously pushing back boundaries – and you begin to get a picture of the powerful mix that shapes this versatile entrepreneur. Bram Desmet is the CEO of Solventure, Strategy driven S&OP is their core value. Besides running his own business, he is a professor of operations & supply chain at the renowned Vlerick Business School in Ghent, Belgium, and is also a guest lecturer at Peking University.

Bram thrives on operating at the intersection of academic theory and industry practice. There at the cutting edge, he is ideally positioned to bridge the gap between different domains and stimulate the cross-pollination of ideas between supply chain, finance and strategic management. His brand-new book titled Supply Chain Strategy and Financial Metrics. The Supply Chain Triangle of Service, Cost and Cash underlines the tremendous value of walking that thin line. It’s a must-read for organizations that want to translate their business strategies into practical supply chain metrics.


The book is also a perfect example of Bram’s thorough approach. In fact, Bram strongly displays two typically Flemish traits: an eye for quality, and modesty. However, having realized that modesty can be misplaced he has now decided to speak up, in order to change the way organizations are doing business by taking a different view of service, cost and cash. By presenting his crystal-clear supply chain triangle theory – illustrated by practical real-life examples – at conferences around the world, he’s actively using the butterfly effect to create sustainable change.




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