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Prof. dr. Bram Desmet definitely knows the ins & outs of operations and supply chain management. Alongside sharing his knowledge by teaching at the Vlerick Business School in Belgium and at Peking University, he founded Solventure to support organizations in practice, utilizing his gift for breaking down complex specialized topics into pragmatic real-life solutions.


Meanwhile, as an author, he seamlessly combines academic theory with industry practice, including showing how all aspects of the business are interconnected via his groundbreaking supply chain triangle concept. After discovering Bram’s insights, you’ll see service, cost and cash in a whole new light.

About the book

With his supply chain triangle concept, in which service, cost and cash form the three sides, Bram succeeds in capturing the balancing act companies are faced with today – the challenge of providing extra services to customers without excessively increasing cost and cash, for example. By interconnecting supply chain, strategy and finance through financial metrics, Bram shows how supply chain has become the centerpiece in the strategy discussion.

His book titled Supply Chain Strategy and Financial Metrics. The Supply Chain Triangle of Service, Cost and Cash’ is a must-read for organizations that want to translate their business strategies into practical supply chain metrics and thus change the way their business works.

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“It is all

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Service, Cost & Cash!”

Bram Desmet