Rethinking Supply Chain

Today’s supply chains are no longer equipped for the current unpredictable business landscape.

This publication delves into the necessity of restructuring supply chains, providing insights on crafting a compelling rationale for change and implementing the essential strategies for successful transformation. Additionally, “Rethinking Supply Chain” offers a comprehensive examination of integrating sustainability principles into the core of supply chain management, while also analyzing the strategic choices organizations face concerning sustainability objectives, whether they aim to align with industry standards, set themselves apart, or lead the way in sustainability practices.


For further exploration, the additional resources which are mentioned in the book are available below for download.

In his third publication, Bram challenges us to adopt an outside-in perspective on supply chains, urging us to ask ourselves, ‘What’s in it for them?’. This fresh approach invites us to rethink our structures and consider the wider impact, igniting a new level of curiosity and engagement.